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We are currently operating from our offices in Guragon(Haryana), Panchkula(Haryana) and Chandigarh for carrying out BPO/KPO activities. The firm is providing the BPO/KPO services for the last 5 years. 

A Brief


Led by a team of young, energetic and dynamic Chartered Accountants, the firm has an in-depth knowledge of all areas of accounting and taxation.

The team is supported by highly skilled technical professionals who provide an innovative, strong and secure IT platform for the core activities of our firm. 

Past & Present Experience

Majorly, we are operating as Credit Processing Agency (CPA) for Banks since 2005. Further, we are also providing Personal Financial Investigation (PFI), Field Investigation (FI), Liquid Income Product (LIP) Personal Discussion with the bank clients, services to various Banks/Financial Institutions.  The activities undertaken by us in the field of BPO & KPO through our different offices are described hereunder:-

  • Credit Processing Agency (CPA) for Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali, Shimla, Baddi, Ambala, Ropar &  Rajpura regions for a reputed Bank which includes complete processing of loan files right from login in of file  till disbursement to customer. The same covers financing for Auto Loans, Personal Loans, Loan Against Property, Agricultural Loans, Commercial Vehicle Loan and Equipment Finance

  • Computerization of basic files into Customized Software for various housing companies  in Private & Public sector

  • Assisting in Credit processing as well as Front-desk processing for “Earnest Money Financing Schemes” being launched by various banks

  • Liquid Income Products (LIP). We are an appointed agency for a unique and special product of Banks and NBFCs, wherein the institution finances business houses on the basis of report of a Chartered Accountant

  • Preparation & Implementation of Automated Systems, Internal Control Systems in Organizations which are switching over from Manual to Computerized Environment

  • Preparation of SOPs for various organizations for Management control and creation of Management Information Systems reporting

  • Handling turnkey projects of manufacturing units in Economic Zones in Himachal Pradesh

  • Implementation of Cost Control and Cost Reduction programs in the various manufacturing units in Himachal Pradesh

  • Field Investigating Agency (FI) for various Banks which includes meeting with the prospective clients of the bank and gathering personal and business details from them for the credit approvals


We provide the technology as per the requirements of the clients. The transaction processes will use a secure technology platform for data migration. 

We understand that laws of some countries do not permit the movement of confidential data of the domestic organizations to flow outside from the country. Therefore, We have equipped ourselves of creating the data servers in the respective countries to ensure that that there are no financial data movements 

Recruitment of Personnel

We have recruited the personnel fit for the working conditions having professional competence and integrity. The recruitment process includes various stages of testing the mental skills of the personnel. 

Staff Training & Updation

Team members of the firm are made equipped with the required knowledge of a particular operation. Also, the team has thorough knowledge of bookkeeping and tax return preparation and receives extensive training.

Also, periodic updates on accounting and taxation practices are provided to keep the team well versed with the changing practicalities of the subject. 

Data Security

We understand that the security of the data of the clients stands as prime importance for them. Security policies have been put in place to ensure confidentiality of data at all levels. 

§  Physical Security: There is no printing, fax, or email facility to ensure that no sensitive data leaves the facility. Also, the employees get checked while entering and leaving the office premises.


§  Data Security: In order to be host country law compliant, we ensure that there is no movement of data from the servers and the processed data is archived on those servers.

§  Access Security: Each team member is provided with exclusive access rights to the data through individual domain accounts. The access rights are segregated as per the hierarchy level defined for a particular process. The respective member can access his part of source information only.

The systems which processors use do not have CD drives and USB drive slots. All systems used in processing are denied email and web access. All systems are secured by anti-virus software that is regularly updated.